Global menu

Your top menu displays the features enabled for your platform. These can be:

Companies: Contains your full company universe which can be filtered down and saved into private, public or team Views, allowing you to effectively divide the data based on your organisational and strategic setup.

Collections: Displays static lists of companies that are crucial to your business with different categories and purposes. These can be your own custom collections or, if available to your platform, lists imported from SourceScrub (e.g. Conferences and Awards)

Transactions: Serves as an essential instrument for monitoring and evaluating financial transactions, including funding events and mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

News: Swiftly filter articles that are pertinent to your specific interests, including sector-specific news, updates about CRM companies, insights on competitors, or news related to your portfolio.

Watchlists: Your lists of news articles with commenting capabilities, allowing for efficient organisation and editing according to your preferences and monitoring workflow

💡 Direct access to favourite contents: as you save and mark as favourite your Company Views, News Views, Collections and Watchlists, they will appear pinned on the corresponding menu bar.

Custom tabs: Custom tabs are can be tailored to show unique content, like business analysis or proprietary data. They allow you to embed content from other services directly into your platform, providing your essential 360° overview of information in an accessible way.

Data management: Monitor the latest updates and configurations of the diverse data sets that are populating your platform, including companies, custom properties, and RSS feeds, as well as uploading companies and their financial and transactional information.

Quick search: Find companies by name or website URL. To prompt it quickly use the shortcuts “Cmd + K” (Mac) or “Ctrl + K” (Windows).

Alerts & Emails: Get updates from Companies Views alerts, Company alerts, and News Views.