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Now Live! Filament EBM...

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Filament EBM – Our chatbot management system, built for enterprise. A big thank you to all our clients who have supported us along the way and given us invaluable insights as we have built the product.


Filament goes to the ACL conference, Melbourne, Australia

We are pleased to announce that our CTO, James Ravenscroft, has been invited to exhibit a scientific paper at the Association of Computational Linguistics conference for July 2018. The research, led by James and co-authored by academics from University of Warwick and Aberystwyth University, will be exhibited in the system demonstrations track at the ACL conference.

The paper discusses an open source framework designed to facilitate discovery of links between news articles and scientific papers. The tool uses NLP techniques to identify names of academics and research institutions in newspaper articles and suggests relevant scientific papers by querying citation networks provided by Microsoft, Scopus and Springer. James will be presenting his findings at the annual conference, this year held in Melbourne in July 2018.

A Christmas tale of conversation UX and machine learning bias

Our Conversational Interfaces Lead, Rory McElearney, shares his recent conversational technology woes with us on Medium. View the full article here.


Filament are specialists in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

At Filament, we form long-standing business relationships, guiding our clients through their AI journey from Strategy & Innovation to Deployment. We are dedicated to growing our clients’ in-house AI capability. We help them transform their unique data and organisational expertise into valuable IP assets. We leverage the best-in-class AI technology from Watson, Google and a host of specialist API providers.  Trusted by several leading global enterprises, Filament is Europe’s fastest growing AI consultancy.


AI Education

Filament have created a suite of educational programmes & resources to develop the in-house capability of our clients, launching them as an AI leader in their industry.


AI Strategy

The Filament Strategy team are genuine thought-leaders in the field. We are differentiated by our practical experience of delivering AI centred projects for our clients.


AI Delivery

The core capability, Filament brings two decades of enterprise application design & build. Design-led & agile, we delight our clients and retain strong relationships.


AI Tooling

Filament has built up a suite of tools to facilitate the training, monitoring & enhancement of AI solutions, putting this unique capability in the hands of our clients.

Data Science

If you have a challenge that might require machine learning to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, we can probably help.

Our People

With proven experts we blend know-how with the desire to get things done.

Client testimonials

“You are exceptional partners and we feel very lucky to be working with you.”
Valerie Hargreaves - Senior Director Healthcare, Cohn & Wolfe (WPP)
“We are hugely impressed by the level of experience, professionalism and passion Filament has shown.”
Richard Mayo-Smith - Executive Producer, Google Zoo, HK
“The chatbot you delivered continues to surprise and entertain us!”
Scott Murphy - Customer Propositions, Hiscox Insurance UK
“Filament have deep expertise and have been a tremendous support in our adoption of NLP and Machine Learning technology.”
Henry Nash - Chairman, Sell My Home

Looking to introduce AI into your business?