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Here at Filament we’ve developed a dedicated framework for incorporating Machine Learning models into dashboards. We call it Filament Dash

We have deep experience solving defined business problems across a range of industries. Often, those solutions have involved dashboards: applications perfect for combining machine learning with a range of other data sources. Dashboards also allow users to manage what they see and interact with their colleagues.

Leveraging that experience, we’ve developed Filament Dash, a development framework dedicated to discovery and decision dashboards. Filament Dash is designed to knit data and analysis into an intuitive user experience. Our solutions allow human and machine to work seamlessly.

Why Dash?

From private equity to fund management to pharmaceutical research, our dashboards enhance the efficacy of knowledge workers in your business.



Ingestion Engine

A smarter way to collect data from various sources, internal and external.

In order to easily add new sources for ingestion over time, we integrate our workflow engine (Built on IBM’s open source Node-Red programming tool from our product ‘Engine’). This tool allows business users to add content from multiple sources, such as APIs, RSS feeds, social channels and email/document repositories.


Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning allows your organisation to organise that data into a rich knowledge graph or ontology.

Dash incorporates a number of custom and existing ML algorithms in order to extract data from ingested content and provide investigative support to the research teams. These algorithms include entity extraction, topic-based modelling and clustering, resulting in “Smart Search” functionality.


Platform & Search Index

A company’s intranet is typically a trove of information but typically can’t be “googled”. Our Dashboards solve that core knowledge management challenge.

The core element of the solution is used to serve and populate the user interface, as well as handling all the authentication, user management and APIs. The search index is responsible for storing an index of all the data that is ingested.

Our Delivery process

We pride ourselves on working flexibly and collaboratively. Whether you would like us to complete the full design and build of the solution or work hand in hand with your own team in order to build up in-house capability.




We first work with you to establish the purpose of the dashboard. We will then advise on the technologies to leverage and how to deploy the solution. We will also put together technical documentation during this phase. We decide with data; not assumptions. Analytics data, user testing and workshops allow us to understand your audience and their needs.


User Experience Design & UI

We separate the content and the interaction into a blueprint of your requirements. We prototype quickly and iteratively to make sure we get everything just right. We then bring the platform to life with your brands look-and-feel. The visual design is where we provide the creativity and the style that will make your solution a delight to use.


Dash Development

We then develop the dashboard using our Dash Framework in line with requirements laid out during the discovery, UI & UX phases.



We test the solution in a number of different ways, from user experience objectives through to the stability of the system on the hardware that it’s deployed on and to the scale at which it will be required to function.


Deployment & Support

Once the solution is approved, we will deploy it to the production server and we will actively monitor it in the crucial post-launch phase. We respond quickly to make any tweaks that are needed.


Continuous Improvement

Our dashboards generate analytics data on what your organisation is focusing on, to discover gaps and opportunities to improve the system.


Client testimonials

“You are exceptional partners and we feel very lucky to be working with you.”
Valerie Hargreaves - Senior Director Healthcare, Cohn & Wolfe (WPP)
“We are hugely impressed by the level of experience, professionalism and passion Filament has shown.”
Richard Mayo-Smith - Executive Producer, Google Zoo, HK
“The chatbot you delivered continues to surprise and entertain us!”
Scott Murphy - Customer Propositions, Hiscox Insurance UK
“Filament have deep expertise and have been a tremendous support in our adoption of NLP and Machine Learning technology.”
Henry Nash - Chairman, Sell My Home

“The Dash Framework is a set of methodologies, processes and Filament managed open source components that we use for dashboard delivery projects. This delivery framework includes how we apply project management, user experience design, technical planning and delivery of discovery solutions.”

Martin Pomeroy
Head of Solutions

Looking to introduce AI into your business?